International cooperation is a delicate and crucial process involving teamwork across governmental entities and international organizations.

If you work for a local or international NGO/NPO or a European institution involved in international cooperation and development projects, you know the challenges. Time is essential, and projects come with a range of requirements and demands. That’s why I can help you!


International cooperation projects: what I can translate for you

I’m experienced in translating a variety of international coop-related texts and documents, including e.g.

  • Reports
  • Project documentation
  • Manuals and leaflets
  • Presentations
  • Newsletters
  • Educational and informational materials.


Being specialized in English and Spanish into Italian translations for international cooperation projects, I can manage your documents with all due care and the utmost attention to the intricacies of such a wide-overarching definition.

In fact, “international cooperation and development” refers to more than just economic growth. It revolves around the buildout of a healthy global system (focusing on the advancement of underdeveloped areas) through the improvement of nutrition, healthcare, education, and more.

Over the last few years, I’ve worked as a freelance English/Spanish into Italian translator for a world-renowned NGO. I have translated a range of content for international cooperation projects, including, amongst others:

  • The co-translation of a website dedicated to the introduction of gamification concepts and techniques in vocational education and training;
  • Several projects about multicultural education in Italian schools;
  • Global citizenship awareness and education projects;
  • Projects on the advancement of intercultural skills for NGO employees, operators, and volunteers.

So, you can stay assured that your reports, websites, and documents will be translated accurately and precisely.

No need to wait any further.




Tell me all about your project. I’ll be glad to help you find a tailored solution to suit your needs.