The Covid-19 pandemic took a toll on the global tourism industry. Yet, being forcefully confined within borders made us long for resuming travelling as soon as possible.

Why? The answer’s easy: travelling is about emotions. And when difficult times strike, emotions convey messages (including marketing messages!) better than anything else.

Also, tourism is an industry when marketing and emotions blend in perfectly. Think back on your last holiday or leisure trip! That time when you got lost and ended up drinking delicious local wine by a majestic cathedral. The captivating view from your hotel room…  Those memories stir the same emotions you felt during your holiday and make you feel good. That’s why stirring emotions in tourism marketing is vital!

If you want your boutique hotel, your B&B or your cafe to stand out from the competition and win the hearts of your Italian guests, you need someone that

  • Has a solid background in tourism translations into Italian
  • Can captivate your audience with emotional and impactful copy.

That person is me! I love travelling, exploring new places and cultures. I nurture my rooted passion for creative writing constantly. I’ve lived in the UK and Spain, and know the local cultures from the inside out. And I expanded my knowledge of specialized tourism translations during my master’s degree in translation at the Universidad de Córdoba (Spain).


Tourism translations: what I can do for you

The umbrella term “tourism translation” encompasses a nuanced range of texts and promotional materials:

  • Content for specialized websites
  • Travel books, guides, and audio guides
  • Mobile apps
  • Travel blogs


With bespoke and accurate tourism translations, you’ll get more chances of expanding your reach in a highly competitive and ever-evolving field, with a perfect combination of marketing and style.

Since graduation, I worked for several companies, translation agencies and organizations specializing in tourism services and promotion. Here’s a quick overview of tourism-related content I translated over the years:

  • SEO-optimised hotel descriptions
  • Tourism-related content for websites and online magazines
  • Travel guides and books

I believe in the value of continuing professional development to keep my translation skills current – and regularly attend webinars, seminars and training courses on tourism-related translations and industry trends.




I’m eager to learn more and help you find the perfect solution to suit your needs.