If you’re looking for a professional wordsmith but are not acquainted with the translation world, understanding how the service works and the different pricing factors is important. This will help you entrust your texts to an expert translator with peace of mind.

Let’s dig in the translation process, and its key steps:

  • ANALYSIS: Analysis of the source text and study of client-provided reference material (where provided).
  • TRANSLATION: translation of the text, adapting the original message for the new target audience.
  • PROOFREADING: Proofreading process (parallel text mode) for efficient quality control.
  • DELIVERY: delivery of the finalised translation within the deadline agreed upon at project confirmation.

The translation service includes a final revision of the text, to make sure that the final product meets the customer’s requirements. At times, customers ask for the proofreading of a previously translated text instead. In such cases, the process is simplified and has a lower cost.

But what about the price of a translation? The cost of a literary or technical translation depends on many factors:

  • The content – What’s the scope? What about the terminology and textual density?
  • The language combination – Rarer language combinations usually cost more
  • Desired turnaround and urgency
  • The length of the text.

Basically, the cost of the translation reflects the value of the time a translator dedicates to your texts. When you purchase a translation or proofreading service, you get access to a qualified professional that dedicates her time, care and attention to your content. As a result, you get a top-notch product that perfectly suits your target audience.

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