Are you a business owner and need your social media content or website copy translated for your Italian clients and followers? If so, I’m the right person for you.

I specialise in literary and technical translations from English and Spanish into Italian, my native language, to ensure that your Italian translations stay true to the original content while being easy and pleasant to read for your target audience.

I specialise in translating technical content in the areas of

and work with NGOs/NPOs, restauranteurs, tourism facility owners and industry-related service providers. I will translate your texts with superior accuracy and passion to help you connect and engage with your Italian partners and clients.


Technical translation services: how it works

  • Contact me and tell me about your needs. Please include a sample of the content you need translating from English or Spanish for evaluation of the content, style and tone of your organisation.
  • If your content lies within my expertise, I will ask you to send over all the documents for translation to provide you with a quote and delivery timeframe.
  • Next stop: the translation of your content! It includes three main steps: checking and studying your reference materials, the translation itself, and one round of editing and proofreading. For more details, have a look at my translation process.
  • Finally, I send you the translated text by the delivery date we agreed upon.

After that, I’ll be at your disposal to clarify any doubts or make any changes you might need.




We’ll discuss your project and I’ll be glad to help you!