If you had your content translated by a professional and yet need someone to proofread your text – i.e., look at it with a fresh pair of eyes to spot any typos or syntax/word choice mishaps -, I can help.

Besides offering bespoke technical and literary translation services, I’m also experienced in proofreading content, translated from English or Spanish into Italian, in my specialist areas: tourism, food & beverage, international cooperation, and literature.

I correct spelling, punctuation, and concordance mistakes. When needed, I rephrase sentences and paragraphs to improve the flow and pace of your content. For each text, I pick and choose the best solutions to perfect it so that it’s ready for publication and in line with the style and tone of the original.

That’s what a proofreader does. It’s not about “replacing” the translator, but about perfecting his or her work. Even the best translators and writers might slip upon a comma or a typo after reading through the same content over and over!


How to request your proofreading services

  • Contact me and tell me about your needs. Please include a sample of the texts to proofread for evaluation of the style, tone, and content of your documents.
  • If the translation falls within my expertise, I ask you to send over all the content to provide you with a precise quote.
  • Next stop: proofreading! Check here for an overview of my process.
  • I send you the revised text by the delivery date agreed upon.

After that, I’ll be at your disposal to clarify any doubts or make changes as needed. With spot-on quality check, you’ll avoid nasty typos and awkward grammar mistakes, for two sets of eyes are better than one!




I’ll be happy to help you find the best solution to suit your needs.